Starting a digital transformation initiative is actually a business transformation enterprise.

ERP Happy accompany you in this process to ensure a successful digital transformation for your organization.

STRATEGY definition

It is important to keep in mind the following elements for a winning strategy:

  • a clear vision of your organization’s future
  • a leadership sponsoring the project
  • teams that are open to change
  • a collaborative approach with consultants

Align People, processes and technology

A digital transformation requires not only a system change, but also a change in terms of processes and training of your personnel.

Too often, digital transformation projects neglect its impact on the personnel and on the processes.

Thanks to our methodology which takes into account personnel training and process documentation,  we ensure that the 3 components of a successful digital transformation are aligned. 


There are a growing number of ERP and CRM softwares available on the market.

ERP Happy guide you in your choice and in the elements to take into account in your business software selection process.


A Platform Suited TO YOUR BUSINESS

Whether you are a manufacturer or a service company, a startup or a mature business, a big budget or limited financial resources, ERP Happy makes sure that you use a platform suited to your needs, budget and long-term strategy.