The famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. This quote is commonly used today. What it means is that if you spend your time with five millionaires, you are likely to be the sixth one, if you spend your time with five criminals, you are also likely to be the sixth one. However, it doesn’t specify if the time spent with the person is face-to-face, remote or even virtual. I do spend a lot of time with people virtually through listening to some business podcasts. In this article, I want to list you 4 business podcasts that I regularly listen to.

  1. Valuetainment

Valuetainment is a Youtube channel that provides a wide variety of content on the subject of entrepreneurship. They recently repurposed their videos into podcasts that can be listened to as well. This is in my opinion by far the most complete entrepreneur channel in terms of “how to” do things, providing a lot of practical tips and tricks for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. This channel is hosted by Patrick Bet-David, who is an Iranian-born CEO of a financial services company called PHP agency. Every week, 3 pieces of content are released on their Youtube channel.

On Mondays, a pretty short motivational video is published on Youtube. Every Tuesday, a “how to” video is released. The host tackles subjects such as: how to raise money as an entrepreneur, how to improve your sales process, how to pay you’re your employees, how to find a business partner, etc.

Every Thursday, an interview is posted. The interviewees are successful people in all walks of life: entertainment with Vanilla Ice, the most powerful woman in India Arundhati Bhattacharya, the wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort or Chuck Liddell the famous UFC fighter.

Every Friday, Tom Ellsworth, nicknamed “the BizDoc” and COO of PHP, provides the audience with fantastic case studies about other companies and interviews with local entrepreneurs. We have had the chance to watch case studies about Starbucks, Nokia, Airbnb, Instacart and Go Pro to name a few. I highly recommend this channel for its very practical content aimed for people who really want to get their own hands dirty. Their podcast URL  is . The host’s website is

  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

The “Entrepreneurs on Fire” show is a daily podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. John Lee Dumas (or “JLD” as he likes to nickname himself) is an American Entrepreneur living in Porto Rico and working with his partner on Entrepreneurs on Fire. There are about 2000 episodes to date and whether the guests are prestigious, unknown, from North America or elsewhere they all have a fascinating business or life story to tell.

The interviews are very well structured. JLD starts by introducing the guest and then follow with question: “Please fill in the gap from the intro and give us a little glimpse on your personal life?”. This usually gives a deep answer from the guest. He then goes on with asking “what is your area of expertise?”, “what is your worst entrepreneurial moment?”, “what is your ha-ha moment?”, those kinds of questions provide us an insight on the person behind the entrepreneur and the main successes and failures that she⁄he encountered throughout her or his career. His website is

  1. The Top

The Top is a podcast dedicated for practitioners active in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. It is hosted by Nathan Latka, a very young and aggressive entrepreneur from the USA. He has a particular way of handling its interviews. He always manages to get from his guests key figures about the state of their business: number of clients, average subscription price, profit margin, is the startup bootstrapped or funded, how many employees are working for the startup, etc. Nathan Latka is very straight to the point and is himself an entrepreneur. He is the founder of HeYo, an online marketing agency. The link to the podcast is

  1. Smart passive income

The smart passive income podcast is hosted by Pat Flynn. This host has a special story: in a nutshell, he is an architect who got fired by his employer in 2008. He successfully passed a LEED certification exam. He then made a website about how to pass the LEED certification. His website was a success and lots of students purchased his course. Then it clicked in his mind that he could make a more than decent living from selling on the internet.  Today, Pat Flynn’s income report (publicly posted on his website!) reports more than 2 million dollars earned in the last 12 months. His podcast is definitely one of the best if you want to sell services on the internet. His website is

  1. The school of greatness

The school of greatness is a podcast which, like Valuetainment, is a growing YouTube channel. Lewis Howes, the host, is an ex-football player who made an early fortune promoting his webinars on LinkedIn. On this show, he interviews famous athletes, coaches, public speakers, artists, authors and all sorts of people that have done something special with their lives. This podcast has more mindset-related content rather than practical “how to” advice. The host provides a safe environment to its guests who very often go deep on subjects that have affected their personal lives. Lewis Howes has a new book called “the mask of masculinity” which is worth a read. His website is

  1. Online marketing made easy

Let’s finish the list with a woman host! The “Online Marketing Made Easy” podcast is hosted by Amy Portefield. She is, as per her podcast name suggests, a successful online marketer doing webinars, Facebook ads, online courses, etc. She has a small online marketing agency which is very profitable. During this winter, she opened up more on her personal life for a week during which she shared her daily life on her podcast. I love this podcast because I learn A LOT of practical advice on hosting webinars, running ads on social media, the fact that the “riche(s) is in the niches”, etc. Her website is

In conclusion, business podcasts are still an untapped source of knowledge that a lot of professionals, aspiring and existing entrepreneurs can take advantage of. A lot of the pearls of wisdom and piece of hard knowledge that are provided during those podcasts are done for free. Every day of the week I do listen to at least one of those podcasts.

And you, which podcasts do you listen to?

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