The compound effect of inaction in B2B consulting

In this episode, I provide you with the three aspects on which you are missing out because you hesitate in becoming an independent consultant. They are financial, emotional and entrepreneurial. If you recognize yourself into one or multiple aspects explained in the show, feel free to have a call with me by clicking on the link […]

113 – Consulting Lifestyle’s Last Episode for Season 2

Goodbyes are not the end. People change priorities, goals change, circumstances change…  This is the last episode for season 2 of Consulting Lifestyle podcast. It’s been a great journey. Our episodes have been jam-packed with lots of actionable advice for consultants and entrepreneurs. We want to personally thank all our guests, and also the many […]

112 – A Breakthrough in Virtual Events with BSeen’s Juan Guerra

By merging the newest technology and always fresh content, companies have created a cutting-edge platform that allows companies to reach out to any audience in the comfort of their own home. This has led to the creation of virtual events. But what gave them the idea for this service? And how did they make it […]

111 – Sales Outsourcing with Add1Zero’s David “Ledge” Ledgerwood

Join me as I catch up with Add1Zero Managing Partner, David “Ledge” Ledgerwood in my 111th episode of Consulting Lifestyle Podcast. Ledge commences by sharing his career story as a consultant for 20 years wherein he was involved in running 13 startups and has closed more than $40M in sales. Further, we discussed: Consulting Founding […]

110 – How To Master Your Emotions As A Consultant

Consulting is one of the most challenging professions. It is challenging because, unlike in most other jobs, you are both a manager and worker. You need to make decisions where you might not be certain about the outcomes. Your consulting career relies on how well you know yourself, your pitfalls, and your opportunities. In this […]

109 – Thriving in a Digital Era with Nikolaus Lang

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In my 109th episode, I had an insightful interview with Nikolaus Lang. He is the Global Advantage Practice Leader at Boston Consulting Group and one of the authors of Beyond Great: Nine Strategies for Thriving in an Era of Social Tension, Economic Nationalism, and Technological Revolution. In addition to leading BCG’s Global Advantage practice, Nikolaus is […]

108 – Recap of the Summer

The only constant thing in this world is change. When a season ends, a new one comes, and with this ever-changing world, the best thing we can do is move with the times. In this solo episode, I am sharing a quick recap of my summer. I am also discussing the following: – ERP Happy […]

107 – Building A Digital Future with Lipi Sarkar

This week I talked with Lipi Sarkar, a physics graduate, a master in business administration, and program director. We share a common extensive experience in Ethiopian digital transformation and she’s been in the consulting industry for twenty years.  Listen as she narrates her career story and her educational background. This episode will also cover the […]

106 – Management Consultant Larry English Explains The Work Culture Of Centric

In this 106th episode of Consulting Lifestyle, Management Consultant Larry English, an author and President of Centric Consulting joins in this podcast to talk about his experience and expertise in the consulting industry.  Tune in as he shares his career story from his first consulting job right out of college and how working in different […]

105 – Divorce Lawyer Raiford Palmer Shares His Strategic Divorce Advice

Listen as I engage in a discourse behind the mic with Raiford Palmer, an author, divorce lawyer, and the Managing Shareholder of STG Divorce Law. In this episode, Raiford Palmer shares insightful discussions about the legal implications when filing for a divorce. Raiford fills us in on the benefits of resolving divorces in a calm […]