Episode 35: Why Governance is the Future of Consultancy with Cantekin Ertekin

n this Consulting Lifestyle Podcast episode, our guest Cantekin Ertekin shares his experiences and insights on business management and IT consulting. He hails from Turkey where he runs several organizations and focuses on governance and consulting. He shares his journey of transitioning from strategy execution to strategy consulting, and the establishment of his own consulting […]

Episode 34: From Opera singing to soul-driven coaching with Arielle Carrara

In this episode of the Consulting Lifestyle Podcast, Diogene chats with Arielle Carrara, a career coach based in Spain.  Arielle unfolds her unconventional journey from being an opera singer to eventually emerging as a career coach on the brink of the COVID-19 pandemic.  She shares experiences of her struggle managing her job on the side […]

Episode 33: How to Build a B2B E-Commerce Tech Platform with Arno Ham

Have you ever stopped to think about how B2B e-commerce and ERP systems team up to reshape the business landscape? Well, you’re in for a treat in this episode as we dive into the fascinating world of B2B e-commerce with Arno Ham, the esteemed Chief Technology Officer of Sana Commerce. Arno takes us on a […]

Episode 32: How to Run a Modern Public Relations with Gavin Lira

Are you a B2B consultant or executive looking to build your brand and generate leads? In this episode of the Consulting Lifestyle Podcast, we sit down with Gavin Lira, a prominent figure in the podcasting world and co-founder of Empathy Firm.  Join us as Gavin shares his career journey, from starting an e-commerce business in […]

Episode 31: How to Help Outliers Thrive in Business with Nida Leardprasopsuk

Have you ever wondered what it takes to transition from corporate roles to becoming a sought-after coach for CEOs and executives? In this episode, we sit with the inspiring Nida Leardprasopsuk to explore her unique career path. We delve into topics like identifying and working with exceptional “outlier” clients, helping individuals develop multiple passions and […]

Episode 29: How to apply the “Lean out method” to your business with Crista Grasso

Are you curious about unconventional career journeys and innovative consulting methods? Today, we’re joined by a remarkable guest, Crista Grasso, the founder of Lean Out Method. In this engaging interview, Crista takes us on a journey from her artistic roots to her thriving career in consulting. She unveils the secrets behind her unique approach to […]

Episode 28: An insight into executive leadership personality types with Robert Jordan

Have you ever wondered what makes a great leader and how different leadership styles can impact organizations? Today, we deep dive into leadership with our guest, Robert Jordan. In this insightful discussion, Robert shares his expertise gained from placing interim CEOs and identifies four distinct leadership styles:-The Fixer-The Artist-The Builder-The Strategist Join us as we […]

Episode 27 – How to run an effective SAP consultancy with Ralph Hess

Are you curious about the world of IT consulting and how it has evolved over the years? Join us as we explore Ralph’s remarkable journey in the world of IT consulting, from his early days as a programmer to his current role as a sales leader at Navigator Business Solutions.  In this episode, we’ll gain […]

Episode 26: Insight into the Labor Market Intelligence Industry with Cary Sparrow

In today’s episode, we take a closer look into the dynamic world of the labor market, exploring the insights, data, and trends that shape our professional lives. Our guest, Cary Sparrow, brings a wealth of expertise to the table as the CEO of Greenwich.hr, a leading provider of labor market intelligence and data. With a […]