Are you curious about unconventional career journeys and innovative consulting methods? Today, we’re joined by a remarkable guest, Crista Grasso, the founder of Lean Out Method.

In this engaging interview, Crista takes us on a journey from her artistic roots to her thriving career in consulting. She unveils the secrets behind her unique approach to lean consulting, aptly named the Lean Out Method. This methodology revolves around four core principles: context, clarity, commitment, and continuous improvement (Kaizen).

But that’s not all! We delve into a variety of other captivating topics, including the distinctions between being an independent consultant and working for a consulting firm. Krista also shares her insights on client acquisition and collaboration. Plus, we explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped her work and the consulting landscape.

Whether you’re an aspiring consultant, a seasoned professional, or simply intrigued by transformative consulting techniques, this episode promises to provide valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in now!

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