Rachael Orumor is a serial entrepreneur who is changing the world of technology.

Born in Nigeria, living in Benin, she runs 2 companies in both countries.

When she studied technology at school, there were only 2 women in class compared to 40 men.

It prompted her to get more women in IT and also to start businesses with a boldness that only a few people have.

She has given conferences all over the world (Benin, Rwanda, United States, Haiti, etc) about tech.

An ex-United States presidential candidate called her personally to participate in a Robotics challenge in the US.

Her story is an amazing testimony for African women in tech.

In this episode you will learn:

•how Rachael won her first client

•how an ex-US presidential candidate contacted her for a Robotics challenge

•how she became a Google Developer

•what she does to get more African Women in Tech 

•why she still does a lot for free 

•how her linguistics studies helped her expand your business

•how she sees the future of technology in Africa

Her site is www.rachaelo.com.