Frank Mendoza is a consultant and business owner.
His passion for data and storytelling led him to founded and run 2 startups:
Catalytics Consulting and Detecting Talents.Frank is multidisciplinary and has 2 degrees: 

  1. Engineering: which helped him to figure out how to solve problems
  2. MBA: which helped him to identify which problems to solve

He went from intrapreneurship to entrepreneurship pretty quickly and 
first created Catalytics consulting: Catalyst for change by using analytics. 

Frank broke down efficiently how he identified the biggest risks for his business and how he coped with it.

He will also explain to us what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning actually are and what type of business problems they can solve.

He recently created Detecting Talents, an HR data driven startup that helps companies with their employee retention goals. 

In 2018, Detecting Talents finished 3rd place in North America on the prestigious 
IBM Watson Build competition.

Detecting Talents’ software is currently in beta testing as we speak.

In this episode, you will learn: