n this Consulting Lifestyle Podcast episode, our guest Cantekin Ertekin shares his experiences and insights on business management and IT consulting. He hails from Turkey where he runs several organizations and focuses on governance and consulting. He shares his journey of transitioning from strategy execution to strategy consulting, and the establishment of his own consulting firm, ITGT Consultancy. He discusses the importance of stakeholder management and decentralized decision-making. The conversation also covers his view on making information shareable instead of sellable, and his involvement with non-governmental organizations. He calls for a new-generation consulting approach— one that is governance and asset-based.

Key Takeaways:

01:05 Guest’s Career Journey and Current Focus

02:23 Deep Dive into Governance and Stakeholder Management

03:50 Challenges in Governance Consulting

08:38 Approach to Consulting and Client Acquisition

09:39 Asset-Based Consulting and Sustainable Solutions

11:38 Role of Information in Consulting

15:41 Mentorship for Startups and Involvement in NGOs

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➡️LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/cantekinertekin
➡️Website: https://itgovernanceturkey.com/?lang=en

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