Amber Brooks is a fast learner, faster pivot who after  only 8 months of experience working for another employer, created Brandividuation. 

She helps both copywriters and their clients into defining and executing on their brand identity in a holistic way.

Her company differentiates herself through how deep they work on company’s foundations regarding their brand identity and entire marketing strategy.

She is self-taught, uses efficient processes and systems to run her business.

She acquires new clients in various ways, alone or in collaboration with other organizations.

Having a Consulting Lifestyle is about “freedom, opportunity and choice”.

In this episode, you will learn:

·      How Amber pivoted 

·      The perverse effect of hourly billing

·      How does Amber brand herself 

·      The type of companies Brandividuation works with : impact-focused businesses, organizations and community builders

·      Repetitive mistakes that B2B service providers make

·      What is Brandividuation team

·      Which systems and processes she uses to run Brandividuation

·      Amber future goals with Brandividuation

·      Client acquisition strategy

·      How Brandividuation is different than other marketers

·      Why brand, marketing and sales should be together

·      If she has coach, mentors or role models

Linkedin profile – Amber Brooks