When we were children, plenty of us would dream of the character warriors who, with a lot of self-confidence, are fighting as a “nice guys” against “the bad guys”. These gentiles had no fear of the wicked. For those who have watched the same cartoons as me, I think of the “Knights of the Zodiac,” “Dragon Ball”, “Goldorak” or “Nicky Larson”. Moreover, the introduction music of Nicky Larson ends by;

” …Nicky Larson fears nobody! “.

Nevertheless, in real life, the “nice guys” are also competing against the “bad guys”, but the difference is that sometimes this “bad guy” against which we defend ourselves is inside us: fear.

In this article, I will demonstrate that this emotion is an invisible opponent that we must confront constantly, regardless of our level of professional and personal development.


Overcome the fear of starting a business: a conference instructive!


On Tuesday April 03rd, 2018, in the co-working space called “Montreal Cowork”, I have had the privilege to attend an 80-people strong conference;

The theme was “Overcome the fear of starting a business“. It was given by the business coach Yasmina E. Jimenez.


The attendance was eclectic, consisting mainly of the following three profiles:

  • Start-up entrepreneurs
  • people who have an idea for a business but have not yet materialized it
  • people still in search of their personal and professional career path


The theme of entrepreneurship is often discussed among the “millenials” for different reasons. A few have seen their parents being dismissed of a “stable” job, others have been made redundant for economic reasons, some have witnessed the emergence of world-class companies created by young founders (Marc Zuckerberg for Facebook, Jeff Bezos For Amazon, Larry Page & Sergey Brin for Google, etc).

Yasmina E. Jimenez has creatively introduced the topic:

  • by telling the story of a relentless young serial entrepreneur and
  • by sharing her own history and
  • by highlighting each letter of the word “fears”.

The conference was very interactive, each participant was asked to speak out on its own fears, values and personal motto.

The public has been able to emerge from the conference with a better understanding of how irrational this emotion is.

The public has also been able to have an example of someone who continually overcomes her fears in the person of Yasmina E. Jimenez.

Can you be a successful singer and still have fear? The case of Karim Ouellet

Karim Ouellet is a famous and talented Quebec singer, which has collaborated with other famous artists such as Stromae. Some of his most famous songs are “L’amour” or “La mer à boire”.

On Thursday 05 April, the “Forum Jeunesse Afro-Québecois” invited us to a 6@8 in the famous educational institution called ENAP[1].

During this 6@8, Karim shared part of his personal life and what are his artistic ambitions in the future.

During the Q&A session, Karim told us that before each gig (since a few months), he isolates himself to listen to a song of the Jamaican artist Busy Signal to evacuate the stress (in other words the fear) before performing on stage!

If even a successful artist like Karim Ouellet must always face its fears, it is natural that we also do!

[1] ENAP = École Nationale d’Administration Publique

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