We are now in early November 2017 and the fall season has started in Montreal, Canada. After a late summer (called « été indien » in French) heat enjoyed in the latter part of September, the daylight time is being reduced and the rain is preparing us for colder times.

In Montreal, the fall is a season where families and friends get together for Thanksgiving dinner or go out of town to admire the « Quebec’s fall colours » gifted to us by Mother Nature.

In the meantime, ERP and CRM vendors keep themselves busy with the launch of new releases of their existing offerings or entirely new products.

This year, several ERP and CRM companies have gone to market with new features of their latest products: SAP S⁄4 HANA has launched its S⁄4 1709 version in September, Odoo has launched its version 11 in early October and Hubspot has launched new « CRM Free» and « Sales Starter » packages on the 1st of November.

Changes are part and parcel of what every industry goes through, moreso within Information Technology. Those changes are to be carefully looked at by both end-user and consulting companies.

End user companies need to know whether or not they are still having a « good deal » in terms of the subscription they signed for versus what they get in return in three aspects:  features, monthly user licence prices and support packages.

ERP and CRM Consulting companies have to assess the change impacts in the following three areas:

  • their current clients: are they disadvantaged by the new product version? Can they get the new release at a preferential rate?
  • their prospective clients: does the new release price them out of any deal? do the changes make it easier for the consulting companies to sell the product?
  • their own staff: do we have the skills in-house to sell, implement and support the new version or new product that is being released by our ERP or CRM vendor?

Those impacts can either be positive or negative but they have to be mastered by the consulting company given that they need to provide the best available information to the client.

Whether you work in a small, midsize or large company, whenever the fall season starts, ALWAYS keep an eye out on what your ERP or CRM vendor is about to do.

Because for most of them, fall is their biggest season!

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