During the summer of 2020, I have had the chance to participate to an intensive 8-weeks training program which turned out to be a transformative experience: the Pipeline Generation Bootcamp.

In my opinion, to become one of the best at anything you usually have to learn from the best in that specific area.

In this regard, I have been extremely lucky to learn the Hubspot-specific principles of business growth from Dan Tyre.

My company, ERP Happy, is a proud Hubspot Solutions provider.

I believe that when you are in any form of sales partnership with a company, you become an extension of it, therefore it’s crucial to understand the business principles of your partner. For all those reasons, I was very happy to be involved in the bootcamp.

The bootcamp in a nutshell

On a weekly basis and during 8 weeks, we have had every a one-hour long training bootcamp followed by a Q&A session.

For each session, we had homework to complete, certifications to get (I am certified with Inbound marketing and inbound sales), put into practice what we learned the previous week and gain intellectual capital thanks to blog articles from within the Hubspot website.

I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge provided by Hubspot on its own website. You find there insightful blog articles on the subject of sales, marketing, service and customers.

Below, I list you the six main lessons I learned during the bootcamp.

Practice role-plays

The bootcamp, on top of the preparation and reading that we had to do, is very practical. At every session, our pretty big group (about 20 people) was subdivided into smaller groups having breakout sessions in which we were doing role-play.

Most of our role-plays involved behaviours that differ according to the type of call to be made: greeting call, connect call, exploratory call, handling objections, etc. Some people are naturally more comfortable than others, and it is a reality check with regards to how good you actual are on the phone.

Focus on the buyer’s journey

Hubspot’s approach to sales is focused on the buyer rather than the salesperson.  What is great with Hubspot is that at every stage of the buyer journey, there are clear steps and documentation (blog articles, videos, etc) to follow.

Understand that you are a growth agency

If you are used to read business and personal development books, you may be familiar with the difference between having a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset.

It’s also important to underline the difference between a marketing/sales/service agency and a Growth agency.

Growth is about the result you bring on to your customers, whereas being a “marketing agency” describes either what you do or your skills. But if you put back the result of your work with the perspective of the buyer you talk about growth. Growth isn’t necessarily only a revenue metric, it can be users, website traffic, followers, members, etc.

Bring together sales and marketing

Too often, we have organizations in which sales and marketing are disconnected. First of all sales is a process, and the hero of that process is never the salesperson, it’s actually the buyer. The buyer’s journey is the one that matters, not the salesperson’s one.

As soon as we put our focus back on the buyer, we understand that sales and marketing have to work in tandem to ensure an optimal buyer’s experience.

Video prospecting

Prospection is one of the most important skill to have in a business. After all, you want to be reassured that you have a proper process to identify and get in touch with potential customers.

We learned to use a great tool for video prospecting called Vidyard. Video is now something that I often use within my business.

Account-based marketing

Usually, marketing is executed solely towards ds a specific persona at the client’s company. Account-based marketing recognizes that there could be multiple doors to enter within a company as a growth agency, therefore the focus is on the company as a whole with all its different points of contact.

I want to thank again Dan Tyre, my channel account manager and Hubspot for providing me with this opportunity!

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