As a business owner, you constantly ask yourself how you can improve your business.

One of the biggest enables of business improvement is the use of an ERP system to run all (or most of) your operations and centralize your data.

However, you may be unsure whether or not it is the right moment for your organization to acquire an ERP.

Below you can find 4 reasons (or symptoms) that are clear indicators that you need to implement an ERP:

1. You have a disconnected company

    • your organization uses different systems for its main business functions.
    • For example, you use « Quickbook » for accounting, « JD Edwards » for procurement, « Click » software to schedule your workforce and « Salesforce » for your sales personnel.
    • As a result, your departments perform in silos which do not communicate with each other. It potentially increases the workload to obtain integrated data within your business.

2. Critical information is not easy to access

How much time does it take for you to:

    • read in real time your sales volumes?
    • know what is your best-selling product?
    • measure your most efficient production plant?
    • identify your most productive field engineer team?

3. Your sales process is time-consuming

    • How much time does it take for your sales representatives to know your stock, your product price and if the right customer is targeted?
    • If any of those elements are time consuming, you may  consider acquiring an ERP.

4. You have an heavy and costly IT infrastructure

    • You notice that you spend a lot on your IT infrastructure but cannot clearly determine why.
    • If it is time consuming for you to access such information, you are likely to be due for an ERP acquisition.
    • To benefit of a free pre-implementation audit, do not hesitate to get in touch with ERP Happy to make an appointment.
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