Who Are We?

We are digital transformation consultants.

We provide businesses and not-for-profit organizations a range of services that address their main challenges: growth and productivity.

We have solutions tailored to your organization most pressing needs, regardless of its level of technological maturity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use our digital transformation consulting expertise to serve organizations that actively contribute to the betterment of the world at a global scale.

the founder

Diogène Ntirandekura is a digital transformation consultant and podcaster living in Montreal, Canada.
He started his Information Technology consulting career for IBM Belgium in 2007 and was involved in several international SAP (a business management software) implementation projects.
In 2017, he created ERP Happy and started to work on projects as a subcontractor for other consulting firms. As a subcontractor, Diogène worked on projects that had a 7 to 9 figures budget, managing a part of the scope of the solution offered to the client.
ERP Happy also helps small and medium sized companies be run better through other information systems tools (Asana, Hubspot, Monday.com, etc).

Diogène Ntirandekura