1. Your company’s strategic objective

Without a long-term strategic vision for your company, acquiring an ERP is a risky decision.

2. Your industry’s best practices

3. The ERP’s total cost of ownership

Given that acquiring an ERP is a long-term business decision, take the following elements into account:

4. The ERP implementation project budget

Implementation and licence costs can vary greatly, even within their own market segment. You must determine a threshold with specific numbers. To achieve this, you need to have a clear idea of the future state of your company compared to your pre-ERP organization.

Some implementations demand that you put away several members of your operational teams to work with a partner for a certain amount of time.

Other implementations may last only a few working days without using much of your human resources. Nevertheless, change management and training need to be taken into account in your ERP implementation budget.

5. The ERP implementation partners

It is very important to select the right ERP implementation partners for your project.

The composition of an ERP implementation team is very flexible.

You could choose certified partners recognized by the ERP or CRM vendors (SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft, HubSpot, etc).

The main factors to take into account :

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